I am getting old (er)

My 20th High School reunion is this weekend.  I am not going.  Things are busy because we are getting ready for 2 weeks of much deserved vacation.  Also I just didn’t feel like paying to go to a  reunion when I can see what is going on with most through Facebook.  But I have to admit, I am kind of sad not to be going.  I was not the popular kid in high school but I got along with everybody.  The people I was close with I still keep in touch with.

A lot has changed for me since the 10 year reunion (which I did attend).  I have had a second child; I have found a love for endurance sports; I have gone through a divorce; and I have met the person I don’t ever want to be without.  I am happier now than I have ever been.  I don’t want to go this weekend to explain that over and over again to people I probably wont see for another 10 years.

I am sure everybody will have a great time and I hope they do!

One comment

  1. oh but you will miss the schadenfreude of seeing how fat and bald the captain of the football team has gotten! 😉

    enjoying your life with the people who matter most is better time spent than puffing yourself up to strangers from your past

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