One Segment At a Time


I wrote last week about how much I enjoying cycling now that I am uploading my data to Strava.  The ability to compare segments has made the rides much more enjoyable.  So this morning I went out for the ride we call the Royal Loop.  I have become familiar with where many of the segments are on this loop and I am always trying to better myself.  Since I can’t ride every segment better every time I ride the loop I decided to work on one in particular.  It is a straight 1 mile piece on a slightly busy road.  I hammered it (as best I can) and then came home to check the data.  I got QOM!!! The fastest woman to ride that segment so far.

Pretty cool huh?  But then it gets better. My BF posted this on Facebook…

segmentI beat him as well!  I am sure he will try to beat my time soon.  He even said he was gonna go ride the loop tonight.

Regardless, I am loving the bike and happy as can be!


  1. Fair amount of chatter over here that Strava is deleting segments which is erasing the history for them only for them to be re-created without the times to share around the KOM & QOM stats….. people getting lots of PR’s on routes where they are riding slower than last year….. #disgruntledridersspleenventing

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