Step 1, #TICK


I am on a quest for Ironman again…

Step 1 – Sign up to volunteer at Ironman Arizona 2013

Step 2 – Volunteer at Ironman Arizona 2013

Step 3 – Sign up for Ironman Arizona 2014

Step 4 – Train

Step 5 –  Complete Ironman Arizona 2014


  1. Do you get a guaranteed entry in to IMAZ 2014 if you volunteer in 2013? I’ve been thinking of signing up for Ironman Arizona for 2014, but don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. I just barely did my first 1/2 Ironman.

    1. You get to sign up before it goes on sale via the internet. And it usually sells out within minutes of hitting the internet. So essentially you have to plan almost 18 months in advance for the race!

  2. So glad you included “train”! My Mom and I are doing the New York City marathon this November and she was all excited when we registered, got the hotel, etc etc. She was declaring we were as good as there – I had to remind her about the slight issue of training 🙂

    Also – from what I’ve heard, St. George’s was a ridiculously challenging IM (which is why it no longer exists!) Don’t completely rely on it as an indication of how great of IM shape you were in that day…

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