Mapping Out 2014


I finally feel like I am back from my training/racing hiatus.  I have really enjoyed the last two races I have done and I am mapping out my plan for 2014 (it may seem early but my plan require a lot of time).

That’s right, I am ready to tackle the Ironman again!  I had so much fun being a Sherpa for Quadrathon at Ironman Arizona and that race is a good one for me to do (close to home and plenty of training opportunities); if all goes well I will be volunteering this year so I can sign up for next year!  It is amazing the amount of planning and forethought it takes to do an Ironman.

In order to get in shape for that race I need to start planing now. So here is the bare bones plan so far…

  • Summer 2013 Tour de Big Bear (70-100 mile bike ride in the mountains near Big Bear California)
  • Summer 2013 Tiki Swim (2.4 mile ocean swim) in Oceanside California
  • Fall/Winter 2013 Half Marathon (to be determined)
  • Spring Marathon 2014 (to be determined, suggestions welcome!)  – Hoping to do something in Aprilish
  • July 2014 Vineman 70.3 – got guaranteed entry by doing the Monte Rio Olympic Tri in June 2013
  • November 2014 Ironman Arizona!

I know it is early to put it all out there but I find that makes me a little bit more accountable!


  1. looks like an awesome adventure. I was just thinking about 2014 myself today. BTW which one is the “A” race is it too early to decide

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