The problem with social media

I use social media to socialize. It has put me in touch with many like minded people who share a common interest. I have met my best friend and my soul mate through social media. It is a fun place for me.
Now I do realize that social media is a place for business as well. Or a place to spread your message or beliefs. And while social media is an open place where many different people can come in and out of your circle you don’t have to accept everybody if you don’t want to.
Case in point…Darin Armstrong. This person has requested to follow me many times. I have accepted his follow request and then I get a message asking for a follow back. I find this rude. I don’t want a super busy Twitter feed. I don’t need 1000 followers and I can’t follow thousands of people. It is overwhelming. He then sent me and email and a comment on my blog asking for the follow back. I have deleted his comments and denied his Twitter requests multiple times. I finally am so irritated by it that I am writing this post.
Darin, I am sure you are a nice and knowledgable guy and you do good work. But you are not the person I am on Twitter or blogging for. Good luck in your life but I am really not the person you want to follow.





  1. Great post, this guy is all over the Internet pinging people, myself included, for this kind of stuff! A Social douchebag if ever I saw one!

  2. I don’t have twitter or Facebook for exactly those reasons. My husband does have twitter and he says he is tired of all the people who are “collecting” as many followers as possible for their own personal (financial?) advantage. Kinda ruins it for others.

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