Going The Extra Mile

Yes, we are pushing our awesome new bikes up a hill.  Mountain biking is hard!

Yes, we are pushing our awesome new bikes up a hill. Mountain biking is hard!

So recently my partner and I were in the market for mountain bikes.  We had each spent the better part of the last two years on road and TT bikes and we were both looking for a change.  We hit all the local bikes shops in town looking for the perfect bikes.  We rode a bunch; Trek, Giant, Scott, BMC, etc…  Then we hit up a small shop in Camarillo (about 20 minutes from where we live).  They had Orbea’s.  The bike was great don’t get me wrong; but what sold me was the shop.  They took five extra minutes to get my contact information and then sent me an email that day saying they hoped we would be coming back.  NONE of the other shops took the time to do this.  A couple of them just came off pretentious and nobody offered that type of service.  It was the fact that this shop, US Bikes, took the time to say thanks for looking that made the sale.

The reason I write this is because the guy who helped us with the Mountain Bikes just called me to see who we were doing with the bikes.  Little did he know I might be in the market for a new road bike… 🙂  It is worth it to add that extra personal touch now a days.


  1. That kind of service would totally sell me. I ave ad nonstop troubles with my tri bike and the shop it was purchased from is 4 hours away. Makes for lots of frustration. Glad there are businesses out there that care about your business.

  2. Wow! Awesome to find a gem of a bike shop like that! I’m a bit mad at the one I go to at the moment, hopefully I can find a gem for myself!

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