Back to the beginning

Motivation for racing has been pretty low ever since I did Ironman St. George over a year ago. Injuries and over training had caught up with me and I just didn’t really care about it or even need it any more. About 2 weeks ago I did an Olympic distance triathlon up in Sonoma California. I had so much fun! And I didn’t even do that bad! When we got back I decided to sign up for the Olympic distance version of the first Tri I ever completed, the Breathe of Life Tri in Ventura California. I also went back and looked up my results from my first ever Tri. Not to shabby for my first time out!


*first post from my iPad mini.


  1. That’s it: HAVE FUN!

    Sure you’re a bad ass (One Bad Ass Triathlete); but always remember the Fun. 🙂

    PS, nice iPad.

  2. Hi Becca. I am in desperate need of ITBand help. What have you been doing to help stretch it out and promote healing? I have been dealing with it also and try not to over think it but I have been doing so many strengthening exercises for the glutes and hip flexors but still it persists. What sucks is that where I live in Canada, this is peak time to enjoy the outdoor running and cycling and I stubbornly refuse to miss out. Hoping you have some advice! Thanks. I hope to get into Vineman sometime. I hear it is an amazing half iron for a newbie but hard to get into.

    1. I wish I had good advice on this one but I found my IT band issues on my right side just eventually stopped but now I have something going on on my left! Many people swear by the stretching and glute/hip strengthening to help but I am more in the rest camp. Wish I had something better to say!

  3. Thanks for the advice. It is hard for me to rest, not that I am hard core workouts all the time but I like to be moving all the time. I guess I can use this time to work on my swimming. Thanks.

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