10% Rule


I almost posted last week that my running was coming back.  I have been trying to get 2-3 runs in a week and a couple weeks ago I manged 4 runs and felt good! Last week I pulled of 4 runs again for a weekly total of 27 miles (pretty good) but by Sunday night I was feeling very beat up.  I had the opportunity to run this morning(Tuesday) and I only made it 400 ft before I turned around and came home.  My hip was not happy.

I neglected the 10% rule.

You can see from the chart above in weeks 1-3 I was training for Boston.  Week 4 my IT band started to go bad.  I tried to take it easy for several weeks, got new shoes, and finally started running again week 9. But as you can see weeks 11 and 12 I ignored the 10% rule.  The 10% rule says you should only increase your mileage by 10% a week. I think jumping from 5 to 20 to 27 was a little bit much.  I am paying for it now…

I am determined to get it back!

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