Month: January 2013

To compress or not compress…

Before I ran my 4th marathon in San Diego back in June 2010 I bought my very first pair of compression socks, 2XU (two times you for some of you) to be specific.  I loved them.  I wore them for so many long runs.  They were fantastic.  I really felt like they helped me run long distances as well as helped me with recovery.  I am sure many of you feel the same way about compression socks/sleeves.  When I was struggling with my IT band issues back in May my physical therapist told me not to run in compression sleeves when doing my Ironman.  Part of my problem at that point was pointing to a muscle on my lower leg called the peroneus.pernoeusMy physical therapist thought that wearing compression socks wasn’t good for that muscle so instead we taped it with some KT tape and that was how I ran.  Amazingly during Ironman St. George I didn’t have the crippling IT band pain I had been suffering from while training.

Time has passed and I no longer have the same problems in my right leg but now I have some pain in the same location of that muscle on my left leg.  I still think it is all related to the IT band and the peroneus.  On Sunday I went for my second long run for my Boston Marathon training and I decided to wear some compression socks since I was running long.


Tres sexy no?

Mind you I haven’t used compression socks to run since before Ironman St. George.  After 6 miles my knee/IT Band/peroneus started to hurt, much worse that it did the prior week  during my long run.  After chatting about it with my running partner I decided to roll down the socks so they weren’t pulled all the way up to my shins.  SO MUCH BETTER, and almost instantly!

I thought is was interesting that something that had worked so well for me for so long, was now a problem.  I know that compressions socks are pretty cool looking (I say that sarcastically and seriously both at the same time), but they might not be for everyone.

Time in the bank or rest on your body?

time bank

On my long run this weekend my run I was lucky enough to have someone out there to pace me.  As we started running on a slight downhill, I started to pick up the pace and was running about a minute per mile faster than the goal.  I don’t look at my watch too often when running, usually only at every mile split, but he was keeping a close eye on the run and told me to slow down.  It started a conversation that I have with myslef often when running long miles for a specific overall pace.  Do you use the downhills or “second winds” to run a little bit faster and put “time in the bank” or do you put rest and recovery in the “bank” instead and keep your pace steady?

I have always been one to take advantage of easier bits of running and try to put time in the bank.  I would rather give a little bit more when I can than end the race with anything left.  And if I bonk I bonk.  I guess the trick is know how much time to bank versus how much recovery to bank.

What do you do?  Do you push the pace when you are feeling good or take the rest so you can draw on it later?

Week 2 of 16 Boston Marathon Training

**Yes there was a video here earlier… I apparently messed up the audio, so instead of making you watch me talking like a silent movie, I removed it.  I will re-record tonight…after I swim… Now back to the post…

Week 2 went to plan which is a great way to start a training cycle.  I am still beyond excited to be running the Boston Marathon that I really want to nail this training and show up ready to kick some butt on April 15th.  I feel sorry for my friends because I keep saying how excited I am for Boston.

This week I finished up the Tour of Sufferlandria which I had to take a DNF on.  It was much harder than we expected and I just ran out of time for another day of trainer riding.  Boston is the goal so I have to keep my eyes on the prize!  I managed two swims this week and I was really pleased with my swim on Saturday.  First swim of 3000 yards in a really long time and I did really well on the main set.  Very consistent and a decent pace for me.

The runs this week went great.  My interval run was done at a park near where I work.  It is a mile from my office and the loop at the park is over 0.25 and kind of squishy.  It was great to have this as an option for doing short interval runs near work.  My tempo run went well even though I felt pretty tired still from the all the trainer riding the weekend before.  I left for the run thinking there was no way I would do it and ended up nailing my five miles at marathon pace.  I have been most nervous for the long runs lately because I just haven’t been running much over 10 miles for the last several months.  This week was 15 miles at MP + :45 which equates to 9:45/ mile.  That being said I wanted to do 9:30 if I could…and I managed and average pace of 9:23!  Lucky for me Stuart was there to help push me to keep my pace.  It always helps to have someone to chase but it isn’t quite as helpful to find out his max HR at the end was 70 BPM less than mine!  Oh well!

I am a little anxious about this week since my kids go back to school and life gets a little more hectic.  I am very excited to be chatting with Barb, Kelownagurl tonight for her podcast.  Look for a link soon…  Links below are for the run data.

Interval run data

Tempo run data

Long run data

26.5 miles run this week.  9:35 total training time.

My First DNF – the Tour of Sufferlandria

photo 2

Around New Years we decided that it would be fun to do a fitness challenge and since both of us enjoy use the Sufferfest training videos we thought it would be fun to try and do all of them.  Yes, we thought it would be a good idea to do 10+ hours of trainer riding (WTH were we thinking?).  After the first night/3+ hours I realized just how lofty of a goal this was in actuality.

We started on Saturday night and did four videos *(mind you I ran 14 miles in the morning).  Got up Sunday morning, ate a nice breakfast then did two more videos*, took a lunch break, and very gingerly got back on the bikes*.  To say my sit-bones/butt/lady parts were hurting is an understatement.  Monday became a rest day because we had to take one.  But Tuesday morning we went back at it and managed to do three more videos* including my least favorite (because it is so hard), Local Hero.  At this point I ran out of time.  I am training for the Boston Marathon and I need to keep my eye on the prize.  I need to focus on running so I had to do the responsible thing and take a DNF for this one.

As strange as it sounds, I had a blast! It was a great way to plunge back into my bike and get me prepped for the miles I will be putting on while I train for Challenge Penticton.  I was also quite surprised at how well I did on each video.  The only one I “coasted” through was the Extra Shot (and there is no coasting on a bike trainer).  I hit some speeds on my trainer I have never hit and I found the more time I spent on the bike the better I got at keeping my cadence high.

I am glad we gave it a try and hopefully the next time I do it (yes, I will try again), I will make it through all the videos.  Back to running!

My best "Not Impressed"

My best “Not Impressed”

Day three, I am done!

Day three, I am done!

*links will take you to my Garmin data

2012 Year in Review


I am not going to get to wordy with this because I have written all year about how my training was going.  I did weekly recaps for my Ironman St. George Training and I tried to do monthly recaps as well.  While this was a huge year and I earned my M-Dot tattoo, racing wise it was kind of a disappointment.  2011 was so successful for me (qualified for Boston, AG Nationals for Triathlon, two great 70.3s, and I completed an Ultra) that I had high hopes for 2012.  A few unfortunate things happened and I just couldn’t resurrect my year.  IT band problems plagued my St. George training, I crashed my bike in February and really did a number on my ribs, and major changes in my personal life greatly altered my time to train.  I did complete Ironman St. George and I have NEVER been so proud of a finish even if it was just under the 17 hour cut off time.

Looking forward to next year I have two big races; Boston Marathon in April and Challenge Penticton in August.  Added to that I will be doing some head cheerleader/Sherpa duties happily for my partner in Tri as he does the same for me.  I have some really big things to look forward to this year and they are not all sports related.  I am thrilled with the direction life is taking me.  I wish you all a healthy, successful, but most of all happy 2013.

Below are some graphs to see what I did in total. They all add up to close to 3392 total miles and just over 400 hours of training.


time discipline totals Totals

Procrastination Ramble

prodrastinateI am having a hard time getting going today so I thought I would take 5 minutes and get some things out of my head.

  • I am hoping I can have as good a week training this week as I did last week.  My running went perfect and I just hope it happens again. The schedule is a little goofy until the kids go back next week but I think I can work around it.
  • I REALLY want to drop a few pounds (5 by 1/19 would be awesome).  I know this has to be done through healthy eating.  I have plenty of exercise on the plan; I just have to be diligent in the kitchen.  Gonna try to do this by going back to a mainly vegan diet and eating a lot of big ass salads!
  • I am very excited for the future but also anxious for it to get here.  I just need to be patient and let things develop. (not easy for me)
  • And OMG, my kids got lice again! I was sure I had eradicated it over a month ago. At least they don’t have school to miss right now.

OK, I should get to work now… or maybe finish my year end summary of training.  That sounds like a much better idea!

Scrapbooking Software Test Drive – COUPON

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