Week 3 of 16 – Boston Marathon Training


Start of the 13.1 LA Marathon

The week started off well.  I was thrilled with my ladder on the track on Tuesday where I managed to hit all my splits and then I had a great tempo run on Thursday where I ran quite a but faster than I was supposed to.  I only got a couple small swims in and no time on the bike (still reverting to the fetal position after the Tour Of Suferlandria) and had a nice little hike with my boys on Saturday.  Sunday I won entry to the 13.1 LA Marathon.  The original plan was to run back from the finish to the start to do my 17 mile long run that was on my plan.  Well, my IT band decided otherwise.  Around mile 10 of the half marathon I started to fall apart.  When I finished the race my left knee totally locked up.  I stretched it out but decided that I didn’t need to run the extra miles.  It was very cold out and if I couldn’t run back it was going to be a very cold walk back to the car.  The FIRST plan is very aggressive.  Next week is my first planned 20 mile run and I will only be 4 weeks into the plan.  I think I need to ease into the long runs a little bit more slowly.  I am totally fine with that!

Hiking with my boys

Hiking with my boys

On other news my race schedule for 2013 is changing greatly.  My cousin is getting married this summer and I have decided to pull out of Challenge Penticton to go to the wedding with my family.  I haven’t figured out what I will replace it with (if anything) yet.  This is kind of disappointing mostly because I am not sure what to do and I kind of feel like I quit.

Here are the details for the week

Interval Run

Tempo Run

Long Run / Half Marathon

7:07  total training time/ 25 miles run (I was hoping for 30)

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