I decided back in August that I was gonna take another crack at the distance 140.6.  I had visited Canada and in particular I did some race recon on the then Ironman Canada/ now Challenge Penticton course.  I loved what I saw and that coupled by the fact that we have some awesome friends there I signed up for the race immediately.

Over the holidays my one and only cousin got engaged and set the date for her wedding the day before Challenge Penticton.  I told her I wasn’t going to be able to make it because of the race.  This week it unfolded that pretty much everybody in my family (I have a small family) will be at the wedding.  How can I not go?  I checked the cancellation policy for the race and it is actually really good (I only lose $100, not the $700 it cost me to register)

So it looks  like I am going to pull out of the race (haven’t done it yet).  Funny thing is I feel extremely relieved that I may not be training for the race.  The relief I feel kind of has me questioning how much I really want to do 140.6 distance triathlons.  Maybe I am not cut out for that distance?  I am loving my marathon training right now.  It feels so manageable; so achievable.  The thought of  140.6 is daunting, especially if I have specific time goals.  I haven’t figure out what I will do to take the place of Challenge Penticton yet.  Maybe an ultra, some other triathlons, or another shot at Boston…  If you know me you know I will have a plan by the end of the weekend!


  1. I think you made the right decision! Family should always come first, especially a wedding. I think your reaction is very telling…..I hope you make whatever decision is best for you re: 140.6. In the meantime, there are a gazillion other events to do, and 140.6 can always be put back on the table at any time!

  2. If you are feeling relief at pulling out, then it is ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do. Been there, done that, with some of the centuries I was contemplating doing last year. When I decided not to do them, I felt so much relief, I knew it was the right decision.

  3. I like the way you are paying attention to your gut feelings…what your true self really wants to do. You are so strong, lean into your strengths and keep paying attention to yourself. 🙂

      1. Don’t worry about the void right now. Have patience. Within a few weeks, maybe a month or so, you will find something that you will be excited about and want to do. When the time is right you will figure it out.

  4. I also think you made the right decision. Family is SO important and there will be another chance to do 140.6 in the future. Even though you felt relieved, I still think you are definitely cut out for iron distance triathlon. You have the determination, the drive and the ability to do it (look at St. George and all the obstacles you faced leading up to that race and you STILL conquered it!!!). That being said, it is nice to mix it up a little bit as well. I’m excited to hear what you plan to do instead. Whatever it is that you plan, I am sure it will be incredible.

  5. I have been following your log ever since you did your Iron,an recap on Geeks in Running Shoes and I am sure you will figure a plan in no time! As well as kick ass at it! Good luck with your training and look forward to seeing your updates.

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