Procrastination Ramble

prodrastinateI am having a hard time getting going today so I thought I would take 5 minutes and get some things out of my head.

  • I am hoping I can have as good a week training this week as I did last week.  My running went perfect and I just hope it happens again. The schedule is a little goofy until the kids go back next week but I think I can work around it.
  • I REALLY want to drop a few pounds (5 by 1/19 would be awesome).  I know this has to be done through healthy eating.  I have plenty of exercise on the plan; I just have to be diligent in the kitchen.  Gonna try to do this by going back to a mainly vegan diet and eating a lot of big ass salads!
  • I am very excited for the future but also anxious for it to get here.  I just need to be patient and let things develop. (not easy for me)
  • And OMG, my kids got lice again! I was sure I had eradicated it over a month ago. At least they don’t have school to miss right now.

OK, I should get to work now… or maybe finish my year end summary of training.  That sounds like a much better idea!


  1. OMG on the lice. That would just wipe me out having to deal with that again. You’re pretty awesome, or at least it SOUNDS in your post like you’re taking it in stride. Of course you have boys with short hair, instead of a girl with long hair who won’t let me cut it, so that might make a difference. I need to drop the holiday pounds I put on. I put on 6 lbs!!! I am going to try and eat some big ass salads, too. Good luck with your running! I know you can do it!

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