2012 Year in Review


I am not going to get to wordy with this because I have written all year about how my training was going.  I did weekly recaps for my Ironman St. George Training and I tried to do monthly recaps as well.  While this was a huge year and I earned my M-Dot tattoo, racing wise it was kind of a disappointment.  2011 was so successful for me (qualified for Boston, AG Nationals for Triathlon, two great 70.3s, and I completed an Ultra) that I had high hopes for 2012.  A few unfortunate things happened and I just couldn’t resurrect my year.  IT band problems plagued my St. George training, I crashed my bike in February and really did a number on my ribs, and major changes in my personal life greatly altered my time to train.  I did complete Ironman St. George and I have NEVER been so proud of a finish even if it was just under the 17 hour cut off time.

Looking forward to next year I have two big races; Boston Marathon in April and Challenge Penticton in August.  Added to that I will be doing some head cheerleader/Sherpa duties happily for my partner in Tri as he does the same for me.  I have some really big things to look forward to this year and they are not all sports related.  I am thrilled with the direction life is taking me.  I wish you all a healthy, successful, but most of all happy 2013.

Below are some graphs to see what I did in total. They all add up to close to 3392 total miles and just over 400 hours of training.


time discipline totals Totals


  1. You’re a training animal! I mean that as the highest compliment. So many changes for you… I am so excited to watch your 2013 unfold. So many great things to come! xoxo Happy New Year

  2. You should without a doubt be proud of yourself for finishing IM St. George! I wasn’t there (my coach was), but I followed it on the internet and the wind was terrible. Even up here in SLC the wind was terrible. So proud of you!

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