Vegan Diet Update (last one most likely)

Back in late August I embarked on an experiment in which I wanted to eat Vegan for 30 days (or 720 hours hence the hashtag #vegan720).  I was hoping for some weight loss , an overall increase in energy levels, and generally  just “feeling better”.  I can without a doubt that I had two out of the three (I didn’t lose much weight).  And up until very recently I have been content with the diet.  But then I think I developed a soy sensitivity/allergy and that kind of put me in a rut.  My diet was already quiet limited and now with avoiding soy I started to feel deprived of foods I really enjoyed. Yes, I know there are many delicious vegan non-soy foods out there but I really felt like my options got very limited, and this left me feeling deprived.

While on vacation to Sherpa at Ironman Arizona I fell off the wagon.  I ate eggs, bacon, cheese, and ham!  It was yummy but it really was just a couple of day step back from the diet while I got though Thanksgiving with my family. Now that I am back in the routine of work/school again I am starting a new chapter in my diet book.  I don’t think I will keep up the very strict vegan diet but I do see myself staying on a vegetarian diet with reduced amounts of dairy and eggs.  I really don’t miss the meat (but damn the beef tenderloin we had for Thanksgiving was A-MAZ-ING), but I do miss the freedom to eat a few of the things I have grown to love over the years.  The biggest one coming up is Panettone bread that comes out through the holidays.  The other thing I really miss is cheese (real cheese that is).

I do hope to try to keep my food as vegan as possible, I am just going to allow myself a little more wiggle room should I choose to wiggle!


  1. Eat the eggs…….haha! I had restricted my egg in take and then one day I just asked myself why? And I didn’t have a good reason so I started eating them again. Now with dairy I keep that to an extreme minimum. No butter, no milk, no heavy cream but if there is cheese on a slice of pizza I will eat it (I do order my pizza without cheese)

    Get rid of the label and enjoy the foods that you like so long as they are healthy and in proper portions.

  2. I think you are thinking about it the right way! I would definitely consider myself vegetarian before vegan – I eat eggs at least once a week and on vacation ate them every day. I think as long as you are eating the dairy in moderation that is fine! Enjoy the things you love most and skip the things you don’t.

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