Off to the local running store

DNA Fitting System

Yesterday I wrote about how my running feels off.  So today I did something proactive about it and went to the local running store.  I have been shopping at a large chain running store for the last couple years because I knew what I wanted and didn’t really need much help.  I haven’t really trusted the help you get at a big chain store when it comes to running shoes, which is why today I went to our local independent running store, Future Track.  I was very happy to walk in and have someone available to help me right away and they did a very thorough analysis of my needs(called their DNA fitting).  They watched me stand, walk, and run on the treadmill barefoot.  Then after discussing what shoes I have run in over the years they brought out a few pairs of shoes and had me run in each of them.  By the end of it I ended up getting two pairs of shoes (I am gonna try rotating shoes during the week).  I got the Asics GT-2000 (stability shoe for longer training runs) and the Adidas adizero tempo 5 (lighter weight stability shoe for track work).

I am happy with my choice to go to a local shop.  I feel the attention and service I got GREATLY surpassed what I experience at the larger chain store.  And I am pretty sure I didn’t pay much more for my shoes (I get 10% off because I do my track workouts with them). I feel like this is the right way to remedy the problem I am having.  I really tried to run in the Newtons but they are not for everyone. Hopefully you will see a post in three weeks saying all my lower leg problems have gone away… cross your fingers!


  1. Glad you had a good experience. I tried to give our new local store my business, but they obviously are “in bed with” Newton because everyone gets told to switch to them when they go looking for shoes…and if you’re not fast, they don’t have time for you. Luckily, the folks at our Fleet Feet are great & took time with me and helped me out tons.

  2. I tried the Newtons, too, a couple of years back. (Maybe even three?) While they didn’t do anything special for me, they didn’t “hurt” me, either. But they are expensive shoes and I didn’t like them. I didn’t like the “lugs” under the ball of the foot. They actually made me stumble some times. Anyhow, when I read your post yesterday I was wondering if you had the right shoes or not. I’m glad someone said something to you to make you consider a real running store for a good shoe fitting. I support my local running store. Back when I started running in 2006 they helped me when I kept getting injured (any time I tried to run more than 8 miles I got injured). Shoes make a HUGE difference. Hope these work out for you. (Sounds like they will, since you got a proper fitting.)

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