So Saturday afternoon I set out for a 50 mile ride.  It was a picture perfect day – a “chamber of commerce” day, so to speak.  Mid 80’s.  Sunny.  Not too windy.  Humidity not too bad.  Generally a perfect day for a long bike ride.

Until the good ride was interrupted by a heart-stopping, shake me to my core experience.

I was out on one of my favorite roads, down in my aero bars.  Really cranking it, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes when I’m in my aero bars, I have a habit of not really looking that far down the road – especially if I know the road I’m on.  This was the case on Saturday.  I had my head down and was thinking about God knows what.

When all of the sudden, a car blew by me – close enough to make me look up at it. …

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