RAD 10K Race Report

This year has been an interesting year.  When the year started I had some really high hopes and plans.  2011 was an amazing year for me racing wise.  I had two pretty successful 70.3 triathlons, I qualified for Boston, I won my age group in a marathon, and I completed my first Ultra. 2012 has been tough to say the least. Personally there has been a lot of change but race wise it has been very disappointing.  In January I started having IT band issues and then the first weekend in February I crashed my bike during training for the St. George Ironman.  Those two issues had me showing up on May 5th to do my first Ironman not in the best shape of my life.  I finished, but just barely.

This may sound like a lot of back story for a 10K race report but it is important to me. I feel like a failure this year which may sound absurd to you but it is how I honestly feel.  This 10K was the first running race I had trained specifically for.  I have never trained for a 10K but this one was significant because it is my entry back into running.  I want to be a good runner.  I want to be a (relatively) fast runner.  This race was my first entry back into structured running training and I am committed to get faster.  I used the FIRST training program and followed as best I can. I will admit I wasn’t great about following my plan like some people I know.  But I did all I could.  Anyway, enough excuses, how did it go….

I was lucky enough to get Quadrathon to pace me for the race and help me achieve my goal of a sub 50:00 10K. We parked near the finish and then ran a little over a mile to the start to find that the 10 miler that started before the 10K hadn’t started yet.  There was a potty emergency so they started the race late.  Which meant the 10K started late as well.  The course was very rolly but mostly downhill.  We tried to keep the pace consistent and the first three miles went by without incidence. The next three got a little bit tougher.  I did my best to just keep the pace up the hills and floor it down the hills.  The last 0.20 was  the hardest.  I ran as fast as I could (6:51 pace which is good for me!).  I really thought I might earn a pukey award!

When all was said and done I ran a 49:21, got 5/60 for my AG, and 8/268 for the women.  Not too shabby!  The best part of the day (besides having the best pacer money apple pie can buy) was meeting Lisa. She also got into the Boston Marathon and lives not too far from me so I am super excited for a long run partner!

From here I start training for the 13.1 Los Angeles half marathon January 13th and hopefully all will go well and I might get the PR I am looking for in Boston.  Regardless I am excited to focus on my running for the next couple months.  I really miss it.


  1. Nice job on your race today and congrats on meeting your goal! Really sorry to hear that you feel like a failure on account of 2012. My 2012 season, as you know, has been similarly sucky. I’m disappointed in my performances, to say the least, but I don’t feel like a failure. I guess I feel like I have a reasonable explanation for why I could not do better. Buck up, young lady! You are on the road back and I know you have some great racese ahead of you!

  2. Congrats on your sub-50 10K! I found you through Run Wiki – Lisa and I used to run trails together when she lived in VA, and we’ve run a few races together, including an ultra! Your 2011 sounds like mine…as does your 2012! 😦 It’s so hard to come off a high (I also qualified for Boston in 2011, ran my first Ultra, completed my first Half Ironman and was feeling great!) and then hit rock bottom. I’ve been injured most of this year. My only saving grace was the summer when I backed off the high mileage to do sprint and olympic tris. Then I started training for an ultra and got injured again. Hmmm…I see a pattern! Anyway, I’m running Boston too so hope to meet you there! Good luck at your 13.1 in January!

    1. So excited to have increased my running circle. Hope to meet you in Boston as well! We will ALL show up healthy and ready to run!

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