September 2012 Training Summary – (return to accountability)

I have been neglecting to give monthly summaries of my training ever since I completed my Ironman in May.  Honestly, since then my training has been very disorganized.  I have some goals but I have not been true to any sort of training plan.  Life has been a little bit more unpredictable and finding time has been tough.  So with the excuses out of the way lets see what I did and what I want to do next month.

Swim – 5 miles / 2:38

Bike – 189 miles / 14:16

Run – 72 miles / 11:46

Total – 267 miles / 31:30

This month was mainly focused on training for the RAD 10K that is October 6.  I did do a decent job with the interval workouts but I didn’t do great on my long runs due to starting too late in the day and having to battle the heat.  I do not expect to PR at this 10K next weekend and just really hope to have a consistent race and not die the last mile or two.

After the 10K I plan on starting half marathon training for the 13.1 Los Angeles race in January.  After the half I start training for the Boston Marathon (which I am registered for!!!).  My goal for Boston is to PR and hopefully run sub 3:30.  I am far from that pace right now so I have 5 months to get there.  Not sure if I can but I am going to try.  I am highly motivated to get back to the good running I was doing a year ago.  I did it once; I can do it again!

I have also sketched out my 2013 race pans already!  Just need to fine tune it with my family and friends, but you can see what it looks like here.

I don’t say it enough but I really appreciate all the feedback and comments I get here and in my other online circles.  Telling you all my goals helps make me more accountable to achieve them.


  1. Well, I hope we can follow each other’s training and provide support. I have now decided to sign up for the Vineman Full IM in July 2013! I’m excited but definitely nervous about taking this big leap! I know you will reach your goals for Boston. You have a the dedication to get there 😉

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