Morning Run Love

When I first started my blog I had written a post about what time I get up to work out.  Back then I would get up most weekday mornings between 4:30 and 5 so I could run and be home by 6:00 AM.  Back then my life was very different.  After reading a post today by Warrior Betsy, I thought I would write briefly about what has changed.  I have been separated for over a year and am in the process of getting a divorce.  I will never use my blog to write much about this topic because some things don’t need to be discussed in this forum.  But Betsy’s post made me feel a need to bring it up. I just wanted to say that it is OK to be going thru a divorce and it is one of the things that MANY people go.  I think honestly I have been a little ashamed of the fact that my marriage didn’t work out and have really only talked about it out of the public arena.

The reason I discuss this under the context of my love of morning running is that as a result of the separation I can no longer go on morning runs.  When I have the boys there is no one to watch them while I run; and when they are with their father, I have to show up early to get them ready for school so there is no time to run.  This morning because of some silly sewer line issues at my place I had to spend the previous night at my mothers and therefore had someone to watch the boys while I ran before sun-up.  It was AWESOME to get a run in early, with my head torch, under the stars.  There will be a day when I am with someone and I will get my morning runs back.  I look forward to that day!  But for now I will try to steal every morning run I can!


  1. No need to be ashamed, but you let people know about these issues when you are ready and do not feel the pressure to talk about it.

    I can tell you, as you know, that i am a divorcee and I wear that tag proudly. Why? Because that is part of who I am and my history. It happened and i did not allow it to slow my life down the way I don’t expect it to slow you down.

  2. I agree with Jason…it shapes you, it does not define you. Life is about choices and they are all YOUR choices because it’s YOUR life. We all love to be a part of however much you want to share!!. AND, let me throw out there….yes you will meet someone, but one day those boys will be getting themselves ready….Mine turns 15 next week and will be driving. I can remember, when he was younger, it was such a dilemma to schedule workouts because of my husbands schedule. And now he’s who I call when I get a flat and want a ride!!

  3. I never would have guessed you were going through divorce, with all your recent accomplishments! I divorced a while ago and feel it’s for the best. People change, especially when they implement big lifestyle changes through running & triathlon. Having a running life gets me through it all.

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