Cadence Baby!

If you are unfamiliar with this term it means how fast you are peddling on your bike.  Last year I was doing a lot of training on a computrainer and the focus there was often on your cadence.  We always pedaled at 90RPMs or faster (unless we were doing a special set). Since I stopped going to computrainer sessions (too pricey and I just don’t have the time) I have struggled to really pay attention to my cadence and as a result, it has been getting slower and slower.  I have signed up for my next ironman distance triathlon (Challenge Penticton, August 2013) and I NEED to have a better bike split than St. George. I truly believe that in order to improve my overall biking I need to start with my cadence.

So my plan (everybody needs a plan) is to hit my bike trainer twice a week and simply PEDAL FASTER!!! I will use The Sufferfest Training videos and keep the resistance low; but really (I mean really really) try to match the cadence of the workouts (which usually range from 90-110 RPMs).  I am also hoping this helps speed up my running as well.  I was running much faster last year when I was attending computrainer classes.  It is time to get my butt in gear!


  1. Cadence is a very personal thing. For you little people, high cadence can work wonders. For fatties like me, low gears and high cadence just wear me out while gravity keeps me at really slow speeds. For me, it is more productive to jump into the big ring to conserve energy and pick up the pace.

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