Doing the FIRST again

Speed work has never been my favorite thing to do.  But if you want to run faster you need to run faster! (well that seems a little obvious)  Anyway, I have scaled by my plans for the rest of this year and instead of working on big races, I want to try and do shorter races faster!  Originally I wanted to train for a fall marathon after my big triathlons were over, but since the first half of the year was riddled with injuries it seemed like it was time for a new plan.  So I am going to train for a 10K in October and a half marathon in December.  And hopefully I will PR in both races (sub 45 in the 10K and sub 1:40 for the half).  I will be using the FIRST plan (which I used when I qualified for Boston in Portland last October).  Speed work is  not something I am fond of so this will be a big challenge for me but I really want my running back.  Above are the splits from my first interval workout.  If all goes well, you will see more of these posts as the summer goes on; and hopefully I will be getting faster!


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