Post Race Thoughts on Ironman St. George

It has been just over three weeks since I fulfilled my goal of becoming an Ironman.  I am still reveling in my finish but I can’t help but dissect some of the things that went wrong or I would do different.  There really isn’t much I would do differently on race day except I could have attacked the run a bit more aggressively.  I knew I would finish once I started the run so I took it super easy.  I think I could have done it about 45 minutes faster but I was so afraid of my IT band blowing up that I walked the majority of it. Once I made it off the bike, finishing before midnight was my only goal.

When it comes to training I should have spent WAY more time on my bike.  I didn’t put in near enough time or miles during my training and that was very evident on the course.  The conditions were unbelievably tough that day, but I should have been better on the bike. Biking is my weakness and it showed in my training and performance on that day.

I would have happily spent more time running but I was just too injured to do it.  I could have done more elliptical training to make up for it but gym time was very hard to work into my schedule.  I also wish I would have done more structured swim workouts.  My swimming has recently been much slower than it was about a year ago and that is due to a decrease in volume as well as not swimming with a team.  The recent acquisition of a book of swim workouts for Triathletes will help with this. And the last thing I would do differently for training is add some weight training and MORE stretching.

I already have my next Ironman picked out and hopefully I will get in.  I am hoping to do Ironman Canada in 2013.  I am even taking a trip out there this summer to check out the course!  But my first priority right now is to get healthy and get my running back to where I was last fall.  Thanks to the advice of someone close I will be training for some shorter running races this summer.  I am going to try my hand at 10Ks and maybe even improving my half marathon time.  I want to be really healthy as I go into training for Boston in 2013.  I would LOVE to PR in Boston and run sub 3:30!


  1. If you want I can give you the strength workout I use 2x per week. I love it as I’m done in 30-40 minutes and then about 10-15 minutes of core and out the door. No need to spend too much time lifting because you are not looking to become the Incredible Hulk.

    I also truly embraced the trainer. I believe the trainer is the best thing to happen to my training. It is not the most fun but with Netflix or Sufferfest I can spend 4 hours on that thing and just crush myself. It truly paid off at IMTX because I trained at 135bpm heart rate and raced at 134bpm and finished at 6:05. I am going to be training at 140bpm for IMAZ and should help me to go sub 6.

  2. I think you’re a rock star. Yes, there are things you can improve on–we all can–but you are an IRONMAN!! What swim workout book did you buy? I’m interested in getting one myself!

  3. So much admiration for you! Huge congratulations and thank you for a wonderfully honest post. 🙂

  4. Look that finish photo, BIG SMILE!! I think it’s natural to dissect the training and execution of the race, after the race. I know I dwell on it for a full week after a big race too. You learned a lot in that first IronMan.I can’t wait to follow along for your IronMan Canada training!

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