Thank You!

Now that the Ironman is done I need to take a moment to thank the people in my life (in no particular order) that made it possible.  It may be an individual event but there is no way I did this on my own.  If it wasn’t for the support of these people I would never have made it across that finish line in St. George.

Jason from Cook Train Eat Race sponsored my entry into this event and I am so grateful for his belief in my abilities.  He stepped up to the plate and helped me achieve something I had dreamed about.  He was always there to cheer me on when things got tough.  I can’t wait to follow him on his Ironman quest and even better I get to cheer him on in Arizona!!!

Our team was sponsored by some great products that I used during my training and during the event.  I used Artic Ease to ease my aches and pains during the training; Athletes Honey Milk and Herbalife’s Restore were awesome products that helped my body recover after some pretty serious training; and Boundless Nutrition provided me with energy bars but most amazing were their Perfect Fit Protein cookies.  Those cookies are awesome!  They seriously saved me in the Ironman.  (If you look closely at my race pictures you can see one that I stored in my tri-top)

My family was amazing.  I know it has been a very difficult year for many people in my family yet everyone continued to support me while I was training some pretty crazy hours.  My mom even had to drive out in a crazy rain storm to Palm Springs to pick me up after I crashed my bike.  My kids were amazing!  I hope one day they realize what I did (I think they kind of get it) and are inspired to do something like this as well.  There is no way I could have done this without their love and support.  I am looking forward to have a little more time to spend with them now that this is done.

I made some amazing friends through this whole process.  One place I feel I found the most supportive friends were through Dailymile.  If you are going to embark on training for something like this, you need people around you that understand what you are trying to do.  So many of my non-training friends just don’t understand why I would do half the stuff I would.  On Dailymile I found continued support at every point in my training.  At times I felt like I had 350+ cheerleaders that would celebrate my successes and cheer me up when things weren’t going my way.  There are a few specific people out there that really stepped up to the plate and helped me in ways that astounded me.  They know who they are and I only hope I can return the favor and help them achieve their goals some day.

And lastly there is someone in my life that has stood by me and helped me do things I never thought I could.  Their support, belief in me, and friendship has been stellar. I feel like I can do anything now that I have met them.  This race is just the beginning of things to come…


  1. Being able to watch this process from afar was both inspiring and motivating. You carry yourself in a professional manner but know how to have fun. This was such a fun journey to watch and I can’t wait for the next event to be a part of for your.

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