ETA in St. George… 7 days!

I am in the home stretch…  I have told a couple people that I am mentally ready for the race and physically ready for the swim and the bike.  The run will be interesting.  Honestly, I am kind of hoping for a miracle to happen so I can run pain free for the marathon.  My PT called my doctor and suggested a cortisone shot so I am going in for X-rays today and then getting referred to orthopedics.  But what I am really hoping for is the adrenaline to kick in and push me through the run.

Regardless, I am looking forward to race day.  I can’t wait to do an event this HOOJ! It has been a very long process getting ready for this race.  I have been planing on doing it for over a year and have been training specifically for it for the last 20 weeks.

I am prolly taking my taper a little too seriously because I haven’t been doing much of anything and that is starting to freak me out a little…  Life has been extra hectic and crazy but things are lining up just right.  Things are gonna be really good, really soon… REALLY!


  1. It’s gonna be FABULOUS!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! Soak up every singly precious moment…..and when you cross that finish line give Mike a big ole smooch…you busted your ass, enjoy it all!! 😉 We’ll be cheering for ya’ here in Mississippi!!

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