Confession: I have worn the same pair of socks several times without washing them. Why would I commit this laundry sin? For the sake of the Ironman, of course – the motive of 99.9% of all my actions in life right now.

When I was first introduced to my snug socks after I purchased them at the Surf City Marathon expo, it was love at first sight. Although the price tag of $50 made me grimace (do triathlon related expenses EVER end?), my 2XU recovery compression socks enveloped my tired legs in some sort of amazing compression hug. I had heard a lot of positive things about compression socks and their ability to reduce recovery time and produce refreshed, invigorated legs ready to take on the next training session, and once the salesperson talked to me (ok maybe just looked at me), I was sold.

Lately I’ve been wearing my compression socks…

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