Week 16 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 4 miles / 2:47

Bike: 94 miles / 6:12

Run: 25 mile /4:08

Total: 123/14:22

This was a pretty big week for me; biggest week since my bike crash almost 2 months ago!  The goal this weeks was work on my PT and get the run going.  I don’t have much time left to prepare for a marathon.  So I ran the most I have run in a very very long time.  I actually did 25 miles this week and I finally started (an committed to) a run walk approach.  I run a mile then walk for a minute.  I figure this should be an easy method to use in the Ironman because I can essentially run from aid station to aid station and walk the aid station (plus a little).  It doesn’t involve any extra beeping on my watch and breaks the marathon up in to 26 bite size pieces!  I did 6 this week like this and it went fantastically.  I used it again at the Hollywood Half  (race report to follow) and I manged to run a 2:13 (not too bad considering).  I was very sore after the race and thanks to the kindness of an awesome Dailymile friend I had a fantastic massage that really helped my IT band

The plan for this coming up week is to keep doing my PT exercises and just keep trying to run.  I also have my last long ride planned for Sunday.  Looking to do 115 ish on the bike.  I can’t wait for the race day to get here! I am so ready to take a break from training!

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