Week 15 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 4 miles / 2:25

Bike: 100 miles / 7:13

Run: 13 mile /2:07

Total: 117/ 12:07

I am continuing to try and get my run going and it feels like two steps forward and one back.  The physical therapist and I are both convinced that it is all stemming from weakness in my hip which is throwing me off and that is why my IT band makes my knee hurt. I went out Monday night and had a monster run (for me) of just over 8 miles.  It went pretty well and I just wanted to see how I could handle it.  At the PT the next day my knee was essentially  pointing the wrong direction…    I took my bike into the shop for a tune up so I missed all my week day bike training (oops 😉 ).  I made up for it with a self supported and mostly solo 100 mile ride (you bump into the most interesting people on the road).  Best part about the ride was that I finally feel like I am more control of my nutrition.  I was nowhere near as spent as I was after my last 100 mile ride.

I am in the final stages of this training plan.  Honestly I am ready to be done and put on my cap and get this show moving.  As race day gets closer I am really only worried about two things.  First, what will happen on the run.  I am terribly unprepared for this run and I can’t do much about it.  Second, how hard will it be to get passed for 7 hours on the bike.  I am a reasonably strong swimmer and not the strongest rider ( I used to have the run in my favor but not for this race).  So as a result I need to be prepared to get passed and passed and passed on the bike.  It is going to happen and I have to deal with it.

But what I am looking forward to most (and I think about it all the time) is hearing them say “Rebecca Korb, you are an Ironman!!!”


  1. The way you described the twist in the leg biomechanics made my eyes go big! Very cool to see the nutrition management is getting good. You faced some tough hurdles in this training but you are still kickin strong! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Wow for some reason I did NOT realize that St. George was so early in the season! You are almost there! I am totally with you on the medium/strong swimmer and not as strong biker thing – I’m sure I will be passed by literally a thousand people during my IM. It’s ok though – it’s your race, not theirs! You are going to do great. You’ve put in the hard work. And the run…well all you have to do is survive! You will get off the bike with plenty of time to walk/run it and you will do great!

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