February and March 2012 Training Summary

Major drop off in mileage from January 😦

Smiling after my crash. And WTH is up with my helmet?


Training Summary

  • Running – 16 miles / 3:01
  • Swimming – 9 miles/ 5:35
  • Biking – 320 miles/ 20:48
  • Total Distance – 358 miles
  • Total Time – 37:30


I participated in my first Century at the Tour de Palm Springs.  I was supposed to do a half marathon the next day but decided to bow out since I was having IT band issues and it was a good thing because I crashed at the very end of the century.

Notes on Month

January was a great month for me and I had some really high hopes for February.  They were all dashed when three things happened.  One I found a lump in my chest that required surgery (don’t worry it was nothing serious); two I started having IT band issues; and three I crashed my bike.  So as you can see I wasn’t too excited to write up my February summary which is why I am finally getting to it!


Training Summary

  • Running – 50 miles / 8:21
  • Swimming – 15 miles / 8:48
  • Biking – 310 miles/ 20:45
  • Total Distance – 384 miles
  • Total Time – 42:25


Did my first triathlon of the year; the Desert International Distance Triathlon.  I had raced this race last year and really hoped to improve my time but with all the stuff that happened in March I was about 10 minutes slower.

Morning of the Desert Triathlon

Notes on Month

I was still recovering from my craptastic February!  But luckily by the end of the month I had finally found a Physical Therapist who really helped me start to recover from ALL my injuries.  The IT band got a little better and I did all I could to start ramping up my running again.  Notable workout was a self supported century I did on my Birthday!  I did all I could this month.  Weather and life just got in the way.

Goals for April

  • Work on my run; not much time until I need to run a marathon!
  • I still want to work on my diet.  It would be nice to drop about 5 pounds before Ironman St. George
  • Remain calm…stressing out over the race will not help me train!

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