Month: March 2012

Week 12 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 1.4 miles/ 0:45 (swimming)

Bike: 134 miles / 8:52

Run: 1 mile / 0:10 (6.7 miles on the elliptical)

Total: 143/11:28

The race just keeps getting closer and closer and my running hasn’t improved.  I finally wen this weeks and saw a physical therapist who thinks it is my SI joint.  I was given some exercises to strengthen my glute medius and hopefully that will help.  I have resolved myself to run/walk the marathon.  Not what I wanted but what it will have to be.

On a brighter note the highlight of the week was Sunday (which just happened to be my birthday).  I took to the roads and banged out 100 miles on my bike!  The day was glorious but hard.  It was a good chance to work on my nutrition and figure out that I REALLY REALLY need to sort that out!  I didn’t eat nearly enough food and actually had some vision problems when I was aero and a nasty headache.  The ride itself took just under 7 hours but I was out for closer to 8 (a lot of map reading and iPhone using).  The best take away from the ride was that even though my hands were numb and tush was sore my legs felt fine (especially as I ran into Starbucks for a hot chocolate).  And the elevation gain for the 100 miles was really close to what I will be doing in St. George.  AND I did all the climbing, quite successfully I might add, with my new cassette (11-28) and hardly had to stand (like some others I saw climbing).

So I am finally feeling better about my riding, but nervous about the run, yet content with my new plan(s).

I Need Bunns of Steal

It may not be what I was planning on doing but it is what I have to do.  I essentially have less than 8 weeks to get my body ready to run a marathon at the end of Ironman St. George.  I have said all along that the swim and run were never my concern.  Well it is amazing how things have changed!  I started having some hip pain back in August after a half marathon but I still managed to run two marathons (BQ’d in one) and an ultra.  I took some time off to work on my form and when I started running again all seemed fine.  But on 1/28 I was running a 14 mile run and had some severe pain in my knee consistent with an angry IT band.  I did all I could to stretch and roll it but the pain would just show up sooner and sooner in my runs.  I finally went to my doctor and she suggested physical therapy.  After my evaluation it looks like my SI (sacroiliac joint) is off and the issue is being felt in my knee by my IT band.  As a result of it being “off” I have been compensating left and right to keep moving and that has resulted some pretty staggering differences in strength from one side of my body to the other.

The plan right now is to try and strengthen my glute medius so that things will work better and I will be more balanced.  I am doing exercises to help but what I am really struggling with is how to I get my body ready to run a marathon in 7 weeks with only being able to run 2-3 miles at a time?  I can use the elliptical with no problems but my feet tend to go numb after 40 minutes.  I never expected to be in this position at this point in my training and for once I am feeling the most confident about my cycling!

I am lucky to have some good friends that keep me off the ledge by offering ways to get through this.  They are helping me develop plans for all of this and it is really awesome to have their support.  When it comes down to it, my first Ironman won’t be what I was planning on but I will be an Ironman by the end of the day on May 5th, even if it takes me 16:59 minutes!  I’m sure I will be racing this distance again!

Desert Triathlon International Distance Race Report

First tri of the year and it didn’t go as well as last year…but I made it through.  Leading up to this race a few things didn’t go my way.  First my IT band started acting up and then I crashed during the Tour de Palm Springs Century so I really wasn’t sure what I would be capable of for this race.  I am not trying to have a pity party for myself but things have been a little bit tougher than usual lately…so on to the race.

I was a little worried about the swim because my ribs have been sore ever since the crash so I really wasn’t sure how the swim would go.  The water was a lot colder than I expected and that made it even harder to swim.  Once the race started I really took my time and tried hard not to pull too hard.  Once I hit a rhythm and made it around the first buoy things felt pretty manageable. I got myself out of the water and was happy to see the majority of the bikes still in transition.  After struggling to get out of my wet suit I was on my way to the bike.

The course is very flat and I had ridden it the day before so I knew I just had to go out and hammer it as best I could.  This was my first race on my tri/tt bike and I was very happy to just get aero and do my best.  Overall, the ride came and went without incident.  Only real problem is that once again I got passed a bunch right at the end!  I hate that!

I rolled into transition and got out pretty quickly.  I really like just grabbing all my stuff and running out of transition.  There is plenty of time to sort it out on the run.  First two miles went pretty well and then the IT band reminded me that it hasn’t been very happy lately.  I tightened the IT band strap and tried to run again.  I was able to run the rest of the run but no where near as fast as last year.

Here are the details from the race:

Swim 23:02

T1 3:31

Bike 1:18:02

T2 1:36

Run 53:57

Total 2:40:08

I am happy to make it through the race considering everything that has been going on lately.  Highlight of the day was meeting some of my Dailymile friends for the first time.  And overall, the race was really well run from the expo to the food after the race.  It is becoming one of my favorite races to do.

Week 11 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Kind of a goofy week due to the race.

Swim : 1 miles/ 0:45 (swimming)

Bike: 104 miles / 5:42

Run: 13 / 2:06

Total: 120/9:08

I am really proud of all the riding I did this week!  I managed 5 rides which is a lot for me.  I got a few real running miles in that were actually outside!  The run during the race aggravated the IT band but not too bad (at least that is what I am telling myself).  I have decided that my self-treatment for the IT band issue isn’t working so I am going to call my doctor tomorrow and see if I can get a referral for some PT.

Highlight the week was going out to Palm Desert for my first tri of the year.  It wasn’t my best showing but considering I and still nursing sore ribs and a bad IT band it went pretty well (race report to come)