Myorope Product Review

With the amount of training I do I need to take the time to help my body recovery from all the work I make it do.  And when I say recover I don’t  just mean rest; I need to take the time for massage and stretching.  Up until now I have mainly used a foam roller for my self massage with reasonable results.  But I have been struggling with some issues that stem from my right hip/butt and have now affected my IT band.  A friend of mine saw the Myorope website and thought it might help.

I contacted Neil at Myorope and explained my situation and he was nice enough top send me a “Sixxer” to try out.  After reviewing the website on ways to use the Myorope I started adding in the the Myoprope as part of my active recovery routine.  Now I know the the Myorope looks a little funny but below are some pictures of me using it.

Working on my IT band at work. It is small enough to take with you any where.

It works really well for trigger point style massage in your glutes.

Post run I use it to work on my IT band.

Overall I think it is a great tool to have in your self massage tool box.  The balls are about as hard as a lacrosse ball but not quite.  The Myorope works much better than a foam roller when you need to really work out a tight knot.  What I tend to do with it is sit on it and find the sore spots in my glutes and just work at them.  It works great for my IT band as well because it applies more pressure to the really bad spots on the side of my leg than the foam roller.  It can be a little painful at first to use and you have to find the right balance so you aren’t putting too much pressure on you body, but that is true for all the self massaging tools.

The Myoropes vary in price from $19.99-$29.99 depending on the number of balls. I have the Sixxer but I think I am going to get a Duo also.  The Sixxer is good for my legs but I have a feeling that the Duo will be even better for my glutes/butt.  If you need a little more aggressive self massaging tool, the Myorope should fit the bill quite nicely.

Thanks again to Neil for sending me the product to try out.


  1. It sounds like we have similar hip/butt issues. I’m ordering the duo today. Also, I need you to know that I have appointed you as my go-to for all my foam rolling needs when I’m in town in June. I can’t bring those things traveling with me!

    1. I ordered a duo yesterday. So the freebie they sent out resulted in a sale! You’re good for business, Becca!

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