Week 14 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 5 miles (9000 yds)/ 3:05

Bike: 66 miles / 5:10

Run: 14 mile /2:38

Total: 86/ 11:53

Last week was a rest week so this week should have been a build week.  I definitely did more than the prior week but the weekend rain kept me from getting all the bike miles in I should have; the time I did spend on the bike was concentrated on cadence for sure.  I was able to have a more consistent week.  I didn’t take a single day off!  That is a major improvement for me!!!  The work that is being done by my physical therapist has FIXED my ribs!!!  They still hurt when I sneeze but my swimming is back on track!

The other notable item is that my run is coming back!  I am still having discomfort in my knee from the IT band, but none of the full blown crazy pain.  I even managed to squeak out 6 wet and muddy trail mile on Sunday! (I can’t wait to get back to the trails!!!!)

This week will be focused on trying to keep my run going, getting 10,000 yards in the water, and another 100 mile ride on my bike.  Most importantly on the big ride this weekend I am going to work on less breaks off the bike during the ride and I am going to try out a new nutrition option.  I have to get better about fueling during my ride or my race may end early on May 5th!

On a couple side notes, it was really cool to meet Thomas O. and his family.  They stopped in my town on their spring break trip.  It is always cool to meet the Dailymile people IRL!  I also tested a new cycling training video from 3LC.TV


  1. The yawning was my favorite part! I’ve never really watched one of your videos before, but I kinda love the idea. Just a place to talk out your issues and your yays! and your downers and your goals for the following week. Way to go, Becca! Keep up the good work! I’ll be cheering you on from Hawaii!

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