Week 13 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 1.4 miles/ 2:10

Bike: 47 miles / 2:55

Run: 10 mile /1:34

Total: 62/7:59

This week turned out to be a rest/down week.  Issues at home kept me from getting all the workout in that I was planning.  But luckily the physical therapy I am doing seems to be doing the trick.  Shut the front door, I actually got a real run in out on the road!  The most exciting part of the was that the physical therapist worked on my messed up ribs and pretty much fixed them!  Two days after I saw him I did a 4200 yard (Ironman distance) swim.  So at this point I am feeling pretty good about the swim and the bike.  2 out of three ain’t bad!

This week is going to be a challenge because it is spring break for my kids so we are heading out of town for a couple days.  My focus will be to keep doing the PT exercises and stretching with my myorope (review to follow soon) and my foam roller.  I feel that the tide is changing and things will start going my way…

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