Week 12 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 1.4 miles/ 0:45 (swimming)

Bike: 134 miles / 8:52

Run: 1 mile / 0:10 (6.7 miles on the elliptical)

Total: 143/11:28

The race just keeps getting closer and closer and my running hasn’t improved.  I finally wen this weeks and saw a physical therapist who thinks it is my SI joint.  I was given some exercises to strengthen my glute medius and hopefully that will help.  I have resolved myself to run/walk the marathon.  Not what I wanted but what it will have to be.

On a brighter note the highlight of the week was Sunday (which just happened to be my birthday).  I took to the roads and banged out 100 miles on my bike!  The day was glorious but hard.  It was a good chance to work on my nutrition and figure out that I REALLY REALLY need to sort that out!  I didn’t eat nearly enough food and actually had some vision problems when I was aero and a nasty headache.  The ride itself took just under 7 hours but I was out for closer to 8 (a lot of map reading and iPhone using).  The best take away from the ride was that even though my hands were numb and tush was sore my legs felt fine (especially as I ran into Starbucks for a hot chocolate).  And the elevation gain for the 100 miles was really close to what I will be doing in St. George.  AND I did all the climbing, quite successfully I might add, with my new cassette (11-28) and hardly had to stand (like some others I saw climbing).

So I am finally feeling better about my riding, but nervous about the run, yet content with my new plan(s).


  1. I’m just getting over some IT issues as well. Well, maybe not over, but through.. I was given some glut med exercises, and I think they’ve really helped, along with ice, stretching and foam rolling everyday. I’m back to running now, but only short, easy runs. I’m hoping to get in my first long run in over 3 weeks this weekend.

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