I Need Bunns of Steal

It may not be what I was planning on doing but it is what I have to do.  I essentially have less than 8 weeks to get my body ready to run a marathon at the end of Ironman St. George.  I have said all along that the swim and run were never my concern.  Well it is amazing how things have changed!  I started having some hip pain back in August after a half marathon but I still managed to run two marathons (BQ’d in one) and an ultra.  I took some time off to work on my form and when I started running again all seemed fine.  But on 1/28 I was running a 14 mile run and had some severe pain in my knee consistent with an angry IT band.  I did all I could to stretch and roll it but the pain would just show up sooner and sooner in my runs.  I finally went to my doctor and she suggested physical therapy.  After my evaluation it looks like my SI (sacroiliac joint) is off and the issue is being felt in my knee by my IT band.  As a result of it being “off” I have been compensating left and right to keep moving and that has resulted some pretty staggering differences in strength from one side of my body to the other.

The plan right now is to try and strengthen my glute medius so that things will work better and I will be more balanced.  I am doing exercises to help but what I am really struggling with is how to I get my body ready to run a marathon in 7 weeks with only being able to run 2-3 miles at a time?  I can use the elliptical with no problems but my feet tend to go numb after 40 minutes.  I never expected to be in this position at this point in my training and for once I am feeling the most confident about my cycling!

I am lucky to have some good friends that keep me off the ledge by offering ways to get through this.  They are helping me develop plans for all of this and it is really awesome to have their support.  When it comes down to it, my first Ironman won’t be what I was planning on but I will be an Ironman by the end of the day on May 5th, even if it takes me 16:59 minutes!  I’m sure I will be racing this distance again!


  1. of course! ironman doesn’t make this easy but that’s the point right? anyone can do it if it was easy. you are strong, determined and a all around badass – you will cross that finish line. kick booty!

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