Week 7 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 7 was a rest week and boy did I rest!

Swim : 3 miles (5500 yds) /1:44

Bike: 59 miles / 4:11

Run: 13 miles / 2:26

Total: 75 miles / 12:06

The last build week before this week was pretty intense so my body was exhausted on Monday.  I really listened to my body and took it easy.  I got extra yoga in and was forced to do a lot more stretching and foam rolling that I usually do.  The pain I felt in my knee last Saturday on my 14 mile run came back with a vengeance this week.  I decided to switch up my weekend a little and I went to the trails for some much need trail running.  After 6 miles on the trails my left knee/ITB was killing me.  I had to walk a lot of the last two miles and could hardly walk the rest of the day.  I am terrible about using my foam roller so in an effort to be consistent someone suggested putting an appointment on my phone twice a day to remind me…thanks a lot…no really I mean it!  This means no running all week until my half marathon on Sunday.

This week was also a little bit stressful due to the lump/mass I found in my chest last week.  But luckily I saw the surgeon this week and it turns out he is a 10X Ironman!!!  He got me scheduled in right after my century/half marathon brick I am doing in Palm Springs this weekend.  Hopfully that should give me enough time to heal before my first triathlon in March.

This week I will be focusing on my bike, swim, and stretch since I can’t run right now and I wont be able to swim very soon.  I am also going to go get another massage to work on the ITB issue.


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