My first bike moves on

I am very vocal about my training and accomplishments.  I work hard at my training and I like to share my accomplishments.  The best thing I could hope would come from my sharing is that maybe I will inspire or encourage others to push them selves to try something new.  Well it has happend several time in the last month.  First, the mother of my son’s friend told me what an inspiration I have been to her and she is getting back into her exercise routine and hopes to run a marathon.  Then my boss told me she signed up for her first 5K and when she is out walking/jogging she thinks of how much I do and that helps push her to keep going.

But the coolest one, was a family member.  He has struggled with personal issues his whole life but is a natural athlete.  When he was out visiting a couple months ago I kept taking him to the gym with me.  He was amazed with the volume of training I did and it inspired him to sign up for a triathlon.  He now has a routine he is following at the gym and has lost 15+ pounds!  He needed a bike for his first race and called me to ask for a recommendation.  I had just cleaned up my first bike and was getting ready to try and sell it on Craig’s List.  The timing was perfect!  I took the bike to the shop, got it boxed up, and sent it off to him;  he got it yesterday and is so happy.

Sometimes I feel like what I do is selfish; but then it is things like this that make me even more proud of what I do.  Thanks for letting me pat myself on the back for a moment!


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