January 2012 Training Summary

The route of my 80+ mile ride

Training Summary

  • Running – 99 Miles / 15:10
  • Swimming – 24 miles/ 15:07
  • Biking – 386 miles/ 26:05
  • Total Distance – 512 miles
  • Total Time – 61:49 (close to a 13 hour increase over December)


I did the 13.1 Los Angeles.  I hadn’t been doing much speed work or focused running so this race was just about completing the distance and having a good time

Notes on Month

This was my first full month of Ironman St. George training.  My goal was really just to stick to my plan(s) and I think I did pretty well considering.  My swimming is coming along nicely, my run is coming back to me, and I feel stronger on the bike every time I go out.  The biggest thing I am struggling with are the weekday workouts.  Life/family/work keeps me pretty busy so weekdays can be a challenge.  I did my longest ride at the very end of January, 81.6 miles and I felt pretty good during and after.  Early in February I will be doing my first century on a bike.  I am really excited to cover the distance!

Goals for February (I am keeping them the same as last month because they all still apply)

  • Just keep working on my bike.  Saddle time, saddle time, saddle time!
  • Get my running mileage back up!
  • Eat cleaner.  I want to get better about bringing healthy food to work.  I had gotten my weight down to under 130 at the end of the summer and I would really like to get back there again.
  • Stick to my training plan and not get frustrated when life intervenes.  Life will always intervene.
  • Get my kids more involved in my training.  I am working on getting the youngest more comfortable on his bike so they can ride with me while I run.


  1. Great job! Do you mind me asking what training plan you are doing? I am starting to train for an iron distance tri and I’ve been struggling with choosing a plan.

    1. I essentially made up my own plan that is three weeks of building and one week recovery with an emphasis on the weekend long ride/runs. I used one that a friend had and modified it to fit my race and life. I don’t put too much emphasis on my weekday workouts because I just can’t deal with too much detail. HOpe that helps!

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