Week 6 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Swim : 5 miles (9000 yds) /2:53

Bike: 111 miles / 7:48

Run: 22 miles / 3:21

Total: 138 miles / 15:21

Build week three is in the books!  It was yet another week of juggling life and training.  I was very busy at work so I was unable to run at lunch so as a result I didn’t have much mileage on the bike or run during the week; but I made up for it on the weekend.  On Saturday I did a 14 mile run which started out great and ended terribly.  I started having severe pain on the outside of my knee (ITB I am guessing).  Since this week is a recovery week, I will do my best to foam roll as much as I can and sit on my lacrosse ball to open up my hips (that just sounds so wrong!).  Then on Sunday I did my longest ride to date; 81.6 miles!!!  It was a huge confidence booster.  I felt fine the whole ride (except for a few small temper tantrums in my head).  The part I am most proud of was I  did a fairly challenging climb 50 miles into my ride.

I also took some time to take care of myself this week.  I had a 90 minute massage on Tuesday which was greatly needed.  Brian of Malibu Massage worked on my legs and shoulders and really worked the kinks out.  This is something I need to be doing on a more regular basis.

This week is a recovery week so I plan on trying to just keep up the regularity of my workouts but give my body some time to recover from the last three weeks.  I am a little concerned about a possible hiccup that could be coming in my training.  I found a mass on my chest (close to my shoulder near my collar bone).  The doctor thinks it is just a fatty lump/tumor but the fact that I didn’t notice it and then all the sudden it was there and the size of a golf ball is a little off putting.  Once I get into see the surgeon I can decide if I get it out now or wait until after Ironman.  Kind of crazy!


      1. not be annnoying safety pants dad but did they do a biopsy to make positive it isn’t anything serious?

      2. Mr. Safety Pants, I am betting they will do that when they remove it. I just found it Thursday. If we decide not to remove it just yet I may see if they would maybe stick it with some needle to just verify. (I appreciate your concern!) Updates to follow I promise. I should have more information tomorrow afternoon…

  1. Yeah – that lump would concern me too. I have a smallish one that i am prety sure is a fatty thing but my husband has one that sounds more like yours. His doctor said the same thing as yours. I still think I woudl get a 2nd person to confirm jsut due to the size of it.

  2. alright alright! go back to kick ass just wanted to be sure you weren’t being silly (already know ur crazy) have fun!

  3. Please keep us updated on this mass. We are all here if you need to just vent until you get the information. That being said you cannot concern yourself with it until you go to the Doctor so try not to think about it too much.

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