Week 5 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 5  was the second build week of three.  I built in some areas but not others

Swim : 4 miles (7600 yds) /2:55

Bike: 104 miles / 7:17

Run: 20 miles / 2:52

Total: 128 miles / 14:35

Well I was slightly successful with having more focused workouts.  I did a speed workout on the the treadmill but had a #fail on the tempo run.  I am still scoping out good places to run by my work.  My week was kind of whack-a-doodle because I needed to take care of some personal stuff (if you must know a haircut and some waxing) so that messed with my my early week workouts.  I am very happy with my ride on Sunday in which I got 70 miles in!  I broke it up with a smoothie break after 40 miles which was really helpful.  I will just keep extending when I take my “lunch break” on the bike because I don’t plan on taking one on Ironman day.  But it really helped me avoid needing someone to rescue me (although, that can be nice).

This week I want to get more serious in the pool.  I know I have said that I don’t feel the need to improve my swimming time because I am lucky that parts comes easy to me.  But as I was swimming on Sunday I really started to think that if I can put some extra effort in the pool now, on race day it will be a gentle warm up for a long, hard day.  You have all heard the saying “Train hard, race easy” or some version of that.  Well this week that started to click with me.  I need to train harder, so that on race day it will be easier.


  1. Hello Reb,
    It would seem you handle the ride today without any acute medical conditions. I look forward to following your results as the spring season approaches.

  2. Great blog Rebecca, awesome job on the miles. For some reason I could not see the video on the iPhone this week, like I did last week, but it works fine on the computer. Take care of the IT band issue, I hope the massage helps.

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