I Want to Be an Ironman – Update

I have been working on adapting to my training schedule and it is time to revisit it now that I have found what I can (and more importantly) CAN’T do during the week.  Here was my proposed plan

  • Monday: PM Swim/Yoga
  • Tuesday: PM Ride (on trainer or at computrainer studio)/Run
  • Wednesday: PM Swim (after the kids go to bed)
  • Thursday: AM Run/ PM Ride (trainer)
  • Friday: REST!!!! (or swim maybe…)
  • Saturday: Swim/ Long Run
  • Sunday: Long Ride/ Short Run

It isn’t working so great so I need to make some modifications.  The biggest problem I am running into is doing anything on Wednesday and Thursday nights because I have my kids those nights and there is a lot that has to get done in the very short time.  By the time I get them in bed, I am barely awake.  I also am finding I have no time to take care of me.  Scheduling a haircut  or a massage (which I really need) is close to impossible.  I don’t have a spare hour anywhere.

So here is what I am thinking:

  • Monday: PM Swim/Yoga (this works great, and I am loving the Yoga!!)
  • Tuesday: PM interval run at gym on treadmill (I don’t like running outside at night and intervals make the time on a treadmill go by faster)
  • Wednesday: Core if I am lucky otherwise this has to be a rest day.  I have to get my kids ready for school in the AM and then I have them at night.
  • Thursday: AM Trainer ride/ Lunch Tempo run
  • Friday: AM Swim/ PM Trainer ride (at least 90 minutes, and the kids don’t  have HW)
  • Saturday: Swim/ Long Run (this is going to get tougher and tougher due to increase in long run distance)
  • Sunday: Long Ride/ Short Run (usually my favorite workout of the week!)

I was happy to figure out that I can sneak a run in at work during the day if I don’t have any late meetings and that is helping alleviate the need to work out after kids go to bed.  I will sit with this for the next couple weeks and see how it goes.  And just so you all know what I am training for, watch the video below:


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