Week 4 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 4 is the beginning of another build cycle.  Unfortunately the numbers don’t really reflect that.

Swim : 5 miles (8400 yds) /2:45

Bike: 72 miles / 4:57

Run: 29 miles / 4:02

Total: 106 miles / 13:00

After a slow start on Monday (that included a yoga class; I need to do that more often), I finally put a little effort towards more focused workouts.  So even though I did not build my time or distance this week, I did build the intensity.  I did some 400m sprints and a tempo-ish run.  Two of my swims either worked on speed or mid distance fitness.  And both my trainer rides were Sufferfest rides which is MUCH better than just riding.  I did Local Hero on Friday night and I don’t think I have ever made such a big puddle of sweat before.  It was a really challenging workout with not as much recovery time as the other workouts.  I will be doing it again for sure!

I did a race on Sunday, the 13.1 Los Angeles (race report to come…).  It was my longest run since my 50K in November and felt pretty good.  But because I ran the race in the morning, I kind of pooped out on  my ride in the afternoon.  I was slated for more like 50-60 but only did 40.

Goal for this upcoming week is that same as last weeks.  Keep my workouts focused.  And MORE bike miles!!!


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