Week 3 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 3 is done and if you read last week you would have heard it was going to be a recovery week for me.  That being said, I did not want to do any really hard efforts but just stay consistent and try to find a rhythm in training.  I think I achieved that this week.  Here are the details of the week:

Swim : 4 miles (7400 yds) /2:40

Bike: 88 miles / 5:22

Run: 28 miles / 4:26

Total: 122 miles / 13:01

That is more than 2 hours and 30 miles less than last week.  I find it encouraging that a 13 hour week felt very manageable to me.  I really don’t want to train less than 12 hours a week for this race.  I had to shift a few workouts around for things that came up and I was able to get a run in a work during lunch.  That is great because it is helpful to get this done before I am home at night especially if I have my boys.  I really don’t like having to go work out after 8:30 PM (I like to go to bed pretty early).  I also finally made it out for a 5:00 AM run!  That used to be very common for me but with my newish schedule it has been tough.  Some exciting news from the week is that my friend Jeff (@reflectiverunr) has signed up for Ironman St. George as well so I will have someone to go through all of this with!

Plan for next week is to continue to find my rhythm and settle into a weekly schedule.  I also want to really work on having a goal associated with each workout.  I find it very easy to just go run/bike/swim and not really focus on something.  I need to stop doing that and have more pointed workouts.  I will most likely being going back to the FIRST plan to help focus my runs, I will use the swim workouts that I have been given from one of my teams, and I will use the Suffefest training videos for my week day trainer rides.  This week on Sunday I have a half marathon in Los Angeles.  It will just be for fun.  I will not be going for a PR, I haven’t been running en0ugh lately.


  1. Great update on week 3, and great video footage; that is awesome that you were able to squeeze in all those miles last week. On my Daily Mile leader board you were definitely part of the top of two all week long. I wish you all the best on your race in LA I hope that you have a fun experience.

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