I Want to Be an Ironman

This week is  the beginning of my 20 week plan to become an Ironman.  Most plans are longer than 20 weeks but I am starting this after recently completing a couple marathons and an ultra marathon so I feel a couple weeks of rest is  more important that having a 24 week plan.  I am very limited on time for training.  I am recently separated so there is a big juggling act that has to take place in order to balance work, kids, and training.  None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the support of my parents (my Mom especially), my family (kids and ex),  my team, and my friends (online and IRL).

Now that I am officially on a plan I have to do my best to stay true to it, while not driving myself and my family crazy.  I have a general schedule that I will be using and then a weekend plan for the buildup of the long rides and runs.  Luckily swimming is not an issue for me and I am not planning on trying to make great improvements there.  I just want to maintain.

Here is my weekly schedule

Monday: PM Swim/Yoga

Tuesday: PM Ride (on trainer or at computrainer studio)/Run

Wednesday: PM Swim (after the kids go to bed)

Thursday: AM Run/ PM Ride (trainer)

Friday: REST!!!! (or swim maybe…)

Saturday: Swim/ Long Run

Sunday: Long Ride/ Short Run

Ready, Set, GO!


  1. I also just started my 20 week plan for IM St. George (1st full IM). It’s going to be an adventure getting the water’s edge healthy and ready for 5/5/2012

  2. You are an inspiration!
    I too have a hunger for Iron, and am training as a single mommy who works full time. I can only hope that I am half as successful in my races as you are.

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