Vegas- pictures, audio, and so much more!

OK, if you haven’t gone to a race just to cheer the runners on, I highly suggest you do!  I had a blast in Vegas!  I met a  bunch of people I have been in contact for almost a year with but have never met IRL (in real life).  I met Nessa, KimJeff, Jason, Karen, Sara, Sugarmagnolia, and Scotty. Above are some pictures from the weekend and below some links for race reports from those that ran.  You MUST listen to the podcast that Kim did.  Click here to get it.

Jason’s Race Report

Sugarmagnolia’s Race Report

Scotty’s Race Report


  1. The weekend was an absolute blast!!!! Start and finish line of the race are exceptions to that statement though, and the fire hydrant water … at least I did not puke. Anyhow, the pic you got of Circus Circus is beautiful! The race recap podcast will be up shortly that Nesa and I recorded last night. I am having @CoachKristieLV on podcast to talk about her full marathon this weekend, which I can’t wait to hear about, and get a perspective of someone who is from Vegas. Thanks for coming out!!!

  2. I am so use to racing that when the opportunity comes to spectate I JUMP!! Usually my husband and I try to not race at least 1-2 events/yr and just watch…Damn, I love running around the course like a fool!! As a racer, you know the best places to be too…where people will need a little laugh or pick me up!! Looks like y’all had a blast!!

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