November 2011 Training Summary

My plan for the month!

Training Summary

  • Running – 84 Miles / 15:53
  • Swimming – 10 miles/ 5:49
  • Biking – 134 miles/ 9:03
  • Total Distance – 229miles
  • Total Time : 32:48


I did two races this month.  First was the Santa Clarita Marathon.  This was a backup race in case I didn’t BQ in Portland.  Since I did, my plan for this race was to run smart and recover well.  One out of two isn’t bad!  I totally hit the wall at 20ish but I recovered great and felt awesome after the race!  The coolest part was I was the 4th woman overall and I won my age group!  My next race was my first Ultra marathon, a 50K with over 5000 ft of climbing.  I was hoping to do it in 6 hours.  The weather (it rained for more than half of it) and my lack of training specifically for this race played a big part in why it took me over 7:30 hours!  But when all is said and done, I am very pleased with the accomplishment of completing an ultra and three big races in 6 weeks!

Notes on Month

It was a funny month because of two big races which means a lot of recovery time and tapering.  Because of that my times and distances were down from previous months.  Except for my swimming that is…  I used the need for recovery and tapering to increase my time in the pool.  I am very happy to say that my speed that I had this summer is coming back.  I never thought I would enjoy swimming without my master’s team but through the help of some workouts designed by a teammate, I have been trying to make effective use of my time in the pool.  One notable thing was I did 50 miles on my new tri bike.  That was the furthest I had ridden it so far!  I also have been a little better about more consistent core work.

Goals for December

  • I am trying to work on my running form but I am not so sure now is the time to do it…
  • As I say every month, I need to increase my bike mileage
  • I want to have a well-defined plan for my Ironman St. George race.  I will be starting training specifically for this race towards the end of the month.
  • Improve my nutrition
  • Keep smiling through the tough times!

I invested in a pair to help with my running form. I am only walking in them!


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