Setting some goals…

After the Portland Marathon 2010- beat my ultimate goal by over 8 minutes!

One thing that really helps keep me focused on training is having goals for each race.  It used to be just finish, or do better than the last one.  But now that I have been doing this a little bit longer they are getting more specific. I usually have a 2-3 goals for each race.

They are:

What I better do

What I would be excited to do

What would be the ultimate (yet attainable) thing to do

I have felt setting a couple of goals for a race really helps me finish every race satisfied.  I have to be realistic when I set the goals but the last one is always the one I am working towards.

I am going to keep a list of the races I am planning on doing and what my goals are for those races.  Lets see how many I can meet the ultimate goal for!


  1. Great idea. I often find that I put too much pressure on myself by only having one, very challenging goal. Setting them in tiers makes more sense. It’s not like every race is succeed or fail.

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