1. Ok so we’ve talked Kswiss before and I’ve looked at these, but I’m afraid they won’t have enough support…HOWEVER, after running 30 miles this week I’m thinking I need cushion more than stability/control for my everyday 5-7 milers then maybe up that support for the 8-15 milers.
    THEN, race the 1/2 and the 70.3 run in the cushioned shoes and I’ll continue my shorter tris in my Zoots b/c they are so cozy w/o socks and light too …so help me out here my Kswiss expert…do the Kwicky’s fit the bill? This is such a pain!~

    1. After my 20 miler in the Kwicky’s yesterday I think a shoe with more support for your longer runs would be better (the Konejos maybe). My calves are tired today and my legs ached after the run yesterday. I want my legs to get stronger so hopefully I can get off my heels when I run so I am going to continue with the Kwickys I really do like them. But they might be better for you on your shorter runs. I also put a new set of insoles in them (I always do that) and that really helped with the cushion aspect.

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