Life Intervenes

I have been a little quiet lately on all fronts.  There are some big things happening personally that I wont’ get into here but I can speak to what  has been happening with my training.

I did my second 70.3 triathlon back in July and have switched my focus to marathon training for the upcoming Portland Marathon October 9.  That switch has thrown my training off kilter(as well as the personal things).  I had a nice schedule that I used for the triathlon training and now things have changed.

Then about 3 weeks ago my foot started hurting for no apparent reason.  It was hurting in an odd spot, low ankle on the outside of my foot.  And then to top it off, I fell trail running HARD! I fell so hard that I almost broke my ribs (I had a headlamp in my breast pocket of my running/hydration vest and I fell flat on my chest). That took me out for three days and I am still having trouble pushing the pace.

So I am trying to get my grove back.  I have a pretty big goal for my marathon (I would LOVE to run a BQ time, 3:40 or faster).  If I can’t get myself moving well again I am worried I won’t do it.  This has been an amazing year for competing for me! I have beat my expectations in almost every event I have entered since Portland last year.  I am scared that I will fall short in Portland this year.  It shouldn’t be the end-all to my training but I am preparing to maybe not meet my goal.  Something that hasn’t happened for a while.

Thanks for listen to me worry.


  1. I’m bummed for you. As a marathoner first, i understand what you are feeling and being injured or not feeling 100% is the pits. As you said, it isn’t the end of the world but when you put so much of yourself into meeting your goals, it can wear on your psyche. By the way i broke a few ribs in a mountain bike crash a few years ago and it hurts but i still ran thru the pain and i think it helped heal me faster. Maybe it was psychological. Hang tough …i know you are a strong athlete w/a strong mind to back it up!

  2. Maybe don’t have a time goal? We have to listen to our bodies…..perhaps the goal should be finish healthy and uninjured. That’s my goal for my next half (Long Beach)….I’ve been injured, and while you KNOW I want to break a certain time-barrier, the real goal is for me to complete it healthily. Have fun in Portland. It’ll be fun. Hey—I’m doing the half in Portland NEXT year so you can tell me all about it!

  3. One day at a time. Re-evaluate each and every day. We can’t help the curveballs life throws at us, all we can do is respond the best way we know how. You’re doing great! Hang in there! 😉

  4. Life does get in the way. Hope you get your groove back soon. In the meantime, enjoy the runs you get in and remember we do this because it is fun.

  5. Don’t put a psychological stop to your training. If you are hurt then take it slow but it sounds like you are throwing in the towel before the bell rings.

    Evaluate each day and don’t think about 10/9 until 10/8 and then determine if you are prepared to run 3:40 or not.

    I think you can.

    1. Thanks Jason. I also need to keep remembering just how well my 13.1 went at Vineman and draw on that for encouragement. I ran the pace I want to run in Portland, after 3.5 hours of riding and swimming. That give me hope that I have my 3:40! Running 20 tomorrow. Gonna kill it!

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