I actually bought the race pictures!

I generally never buy the pictures from a race.  I just think they are overpriced.  If they would lower the cost of the download of all the pictures to $40 I would probably buy them every time (as would many others).  Well Vineman went way too well and I had to get the pictures to remember the best race I have had so far! Enjoy a few of them!

Hard to pull off cool with a green swim cap on. but 13th out of the water helps!

This picture doesn't do the course justice. It was so beautiful!

Starting out on the run. 13.1 to go!

Just out of the La Crema vineyard. I had that silly grin the whole run.

Coming into the finish!

Woo Hoo!! Crossing the finish! 5:32:25

Just a little bit pleased with things (and really sweaty!)


  1. These pics are awesome.

    #1 – Was the water really cold? You look cold coming out of the swim but the swimmer behind you is in a sleeveless suit.

    #2 – That start of the run pic is bada$$. You look ready to kill that 13.1.

    1. 1. No it wasn’t cold. I am just really fair! The water was 70-71. It was perfect!
      2. I was so ready for that run and felt outstanding at that moment! It was a great run!!!

      Jason, you have to do this race! It was amazing.

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