Liking what I am seeing

I wish I could say that I just train because it makes me feel good.  I do train for the physical health and mental health benefits but I also want to do all I can to look as fit as possible.  That might sound shallow but  as I get older it gets harder and harder to stay in shape.  And after having two kids, things aren’t in the same places they were 15 years ago!  So I train a lot.  If you follow my training you know that I work pretty hard.  For the last 6 months I have been noticing little changes in my body.  My weight has been pretty consistent since October 2010 but I have been noticing a little less “me” here and there.  This weekend when I was running I noticed my shadow, and I liked what I saw!  That combined with a couple of extra pounds that finally came off (hope they stay off) has really helped stoke the fire that keeps me training.  It is amazing how the smallest amount of noticeable progress will  motivate you to work harder.


  1. I couldn’t agree more – and I definitely don’t think it’s shallow! I’ve been plateaued (weight wise) since the fall as well but my body is definitely changing. I chalk it up to the training I’m doing & even though it’s frustrating not to see the scale budging I know I”m making progress & getting fitter and (hopefully) smaller.

  2. I totally agree! I have always worked out but this year decided to try my hand at a triathalon. I love the changes in my body that the intense training has brought. I have three kids and things definately are not the same.

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